Written by Ashley Nantz, Intern

In 2017, the United States marketplace was comprised of nearly 28 million small businesses and 18,500 large businesses; consumers have a lot of options, and as a whole, they often aim to satisfy their needs through searching the internet. Did you know, there are 3.5 billion google searches daily, totaling to 1.2 trillion searches, at a global rate, annually? It is clear, the interface of the web draws unlimited patients, clients, and consumers to your business. In this newsletter, we will be detailing how you can maximize the return for your business online.

With 91% of online adults using search engines to obtain information it is vital for your website to be an excellent resource. Your business, competitors, and consumers are viewing your site in a way that is similar to the concept of speed dating. When it comes to online platforms your time with potential clients, patients, and consumers is limited, as with speed dating. Once the search engine generates options that match the online users search, the quest to find the most suited match begins. Time is of the essence. If the website viewer is unable to find what they are looking for, in a viable amount of time, they will move onto the next option.

So how do you capture a prospect’s attention before they move on? It’s simple. If the search engine provided you as a top option, you are considered a main source of information regarding the topic they sought out. This means, as a business, you have the knowledge that the prospect is looking for. All that’s left to do is present the information clearly. Simple enough right? Translate everyday practices from offline to online with professionalism. One aspect of being professional and presentable is being on time. As you meet with clients on time in face to face meetings, make sure your website meets your online viewer’s screen promptly. Fast load speeds ensure that the viewer can receive the information quickly without waiting for your content to load for long periods of time. Professionalism comes with the responsibility to ensure that your viewer enjoys their time on the site. You can do this through making sure your website is both invitational and hospitable; both become a reality through design and content. Professionals are in the business of meeting with diverse people of many backgrounds, it is up to you to ensure that your website is easily formatted to different devices, those such as a tablet, mobile device, and desktop are of the utmost importance. With these strategies employed, it is likely that you will be getting many prospects to make the jump from prospect to official patient, client, or consumer. But, keep in mind that all relationships are on-going, and they require investment and constant engagement.

Your online presence matters. The way you conduct business on your website is arguably of as much value as the way you conduct business in your practice face to face, this is especially true in the initial stages of gaining new patients, clients, and consumers. Apply key features such as speed, guest experience, variability through devices, and active engagement to your web presence and watch your clients, patients, and consumers feel cared for by you and in turn they will love your business all the more.