Abbey Azinger
Abbey is a senior at the University of Kentucky studying Integrated Strategic Communication with a focus in Account Management. She would like to work at an agency for a few years before moving into campaign management. In the fall Abbey will be going to Sevilla, Spain to study abroad for three months.

Leah Behling 

Leah is a senior Marketing and Integrated Strategic Communication major, focusing on Creative Advertising. In the future she wants to travel and possibly move to a city on the west coast focusing on some aspect of design. One thing Leah loves about Harris & Ward is the work environment and that everyday is different. A fun fact about Leah is that she is the Social Media Officer for Ad Club at the University of Kentucky.

Allison Cooper 

Allison is a senior at the University of Kentucky studying Marketing and Digital Media and Design. She is interested in branding and content marketing, and loves writing a good blog post or press release. Allison said what she loves most about interning at Harris & Ward is the close-knit community. When she’s not working at Harris & Ward, you can find her working in various art forms such as fiber arts, oil painting, and piano.

Lingping Guo

Lingping is a senior Media Arts and Studies major at the University of Kentucky. She loves music and used to play Guzheng, which is a Chinese traditional music instrument. She is currently learning to play the piano and knows Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. Lingping can speak Japanese, likes to travel and tries to learn new things every day. After UK she plans attend graduate school and subsequently work at a big international company, which will give her the opportunity to travel all over the world.

Klayton Tucker

Klayton is a senior at the University of Kentucky, studying Information Communication Technology. He likes learning new things and solving problems for people, though he tries to get outdoors as much as possible. Klayton’s perfect day would include either a long hike in the mountains or a day out on the water.